images transplant the viewer's imagination, and have the power to transform how they see reality, fragmented yet focused.


 Patrick’s composite images created from many individual instant photographs on Impossible and Polaroid films.

Patrick is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work is about accidents and how these flaws become a form of perfection. “I may jam or manipulate the films to play up the surface, the tangibility of the film medium. I create a moment out of several various instances – a walking pspective controlled and pulled in by the structure of the grid, not an instant view, but a clustering of memories and visuals. Each photo is competing with the image as a whole, causing this movement of the eye as it takes in a single image then back to the whole.”

Patrick’s work has been featured in an array of arts and design magazines and blogs and you may have recently seen his work at Urban Outfitters – the result of a 2010 collaboration.